4 maart 2011 - Hyderabad, India

Hi there......

For now a short update from my side...things are running smooth here...time is flying by! I did lot of new cookings..so that s good! I am now getting more and more experienced in the standard indian live.... waking up early..bathing, praying/yoga (the yoga I am the only one)..breakfast, work a bit on the veranda till the musquito's start biting me too much or it becomes too hot...have a walk to Gunshyam, the nearest supermarket, lunch, work more...play with Butchki (the baby), go out a bit, etc etc :-) looks very boring...but i guess India will never be boring to me!

Yesterday I went out on my own to Paradise, to do some shopping.... all of suddens I was again the tourist on which u can make money...so hassle for the price with the autowalla end all included! (these guys can really spoil ur mood here!) Than I did a lot of "kijken kijken, niet kopen" in General Bazar :-) Also bought enough I guess... hihi...

Last sunday morning we went to feed pigeons I took some good snaps and last tuesday we went to the market around the corner... so can u tell me what the veggies are??? Even a tomato looks so different from soft stuff we get in Holland... ;-)

Ok..have fun in guessing the veg... ;-)

Lot s of warm greetings!



Last tuesday we all went to the market around the corner here... I took some nice snaps of that


2 Reacties

  1. Anneke:
    4 maart 2011
    Hoi Marloes,
    Lees,dat je je vermaakt,lijkt me heel gezellig daar en je doet veel ideetjes op for your Indian cooking.
    Veel plezier nog,
    An en Rien.
  2. Cor:
    14 maart 2011
    Lieve Marloes
    Mooi te lezen dat het goed met je gaat. Dat Indiagevoel ligt jou wel. We zijn benieuwd naar al je verhalen en foto's. Hou je haaks, blijf jezelf en vooral GENIET!!
    Zodra je weer in Nederland bent snel wat afspreken, zal ik koken.
    Lieve groet ook van Petra.